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Professional Workshop

  • Develop your confidence and efficiency; express yourself more freely in various professional situations in the language of your choice :
    • Presentations
    • Running meetings
    • Telephone
    • Negotiations
    • Writing documents
  • Develop your professional skills in dedicated workshops:
    • Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Legal Affairs, Engineering, Tourism/Hotels/Restaurants, Medical, Transport/Logistics, Reception, Personal Assistants, Project Management, Insurance, Real Estate Agents,…
    • Aviation
    • The “AST Simplified Technical English” standard. 

Professional Workshops are for trainees who already have a reasonable level in the target language (intermediate or higher : > B1). They can be run as One-on-One or Group classes.

The advantages of professional workshops

  • The training focuses on the language you need in your job
  • You will build up a glossary of the terms used in your profession


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