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Successful documents:
Success in international projects will always be dependent on human relations and efficient communication.

Our CANSPEAK translators familiarize themselves with your company, and will be your greatest allies.

Proofreading articles and reports: CANSPEAK can also proofread documents written directly in the target language. All modifications are tracked so that writers can continually improve their written texts.

All our translators/proofreaders are specialized and translate into their native language.  

You can count on total discretion from our translators: this discretion can be formalized through a signed confidentiality agreement.

Whatever the document – website, brochure, leaflet, annual report, internal magazine, contract, press release, quality manual, software guidelines or any other publications – we pay particular attention to the quality of our translations, ensuring that deadlines are respected.

Before it is delivered, each translation is proofread by a second translator.

For greater efficiency, our translators familiarize themselves with the technical vocabulary and jargon specific to the business sectors of our clients.   



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