CANSPEAK proposes a placement test to set up training in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French on this website; it is free, there is no password requires and you get an immediate result.

We use the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR).

Testez votre niveau
Choisissez votre langue

5 different languages (approximate duration : 30 minutes)

3 types of multiple choice questions:

  •  Vocabulary,
  • Grammar,
  • Expressions.

Each section becomes progressively more difficult. To get a better idea of your level, and / or prepare for your training:
– Do not use a dictionary or work with another person.
– Do not answer randomly for questions where you have no idea. In such cases just don’t answer.

At the end of the test, click the “Send” button and you will immediately receive an assessment of your level.
But even if it gives a fair indication of your level, this test only measures certain skills (reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar) and not others (oral comprehension and expression, pronunciation).

What’s my level ?

Discover your level from the CEFRL : 





























Testez votre niveau
Choisissez votre langue
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