Cours d'anglais par téléphone


  • Your trainer on the other end of the line! True remote language courses, in some ways even more efficient than face-to-face classes because it is more difficult to understand a speaker over the phone: CANSPEAK’s telephone classes will provide you with practice and the communication strategies you need. 
  • Classes can be organized either on the phone or by videoconference.  

The advantages of telephone classes:

  •  Online reservation and management of each session depending on when you are free,
  • Possibility to choose trainers with different accents,
  •  Possibility to choose a trainer familiar with your job or activity,
  •  Intensive listening and expression.

To get the most out of each session, the trainee should prepare it. Preparation concerns a newspaper article, a topic in the news, or a communication game (which the trainer will send to you).  Corrections and follow-up work are sent to the trainees by e-mail.

The different topics are linked to the trainees’ needs, the classes are structured, and the trainers warm and professional.



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